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Here at Burke Joinery we are always looking for new ways to innovate and create cool new products. This passion and drive has spurned our newest creation “The Irish Telephone Box Wine Cabinet”.

We have used our Shaw model as the core structure for this unique and practical wine cabinet.


It has the capacity to store an impressive 15 wine bottles. It even has a integrated bar and glass hanger allowing you to effortlessly store and pour the perfect glass all in the one unit.


This means you’ll always be ready to entertain—or simply relax with the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room. It’s also an ideal way to add great character to your establishment be it a pub, restaurant, hotel, club house..  Provide your customers with a unique service that will leave them truly inspired.

This just goes to show that at Burke Joinery no thought is unimaginable so if you have any design concepts please contact us and we will bring your ideas to life.

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