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For every selected gift you purchase until 31st December, we will donate 2€ to “Make-A-Wish” foundation.


Make-A-Wish Ireland has one simple aim –granting the wishes of children aged between 3 and 17 years living with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Since arriving in Ireland in 1992, Make-A-Wish has granted wishes for more than 1,900 brave children. A wish granted is true magic for the child, providing respite from their normal routines of hospitals, doctors and treatment.

In all possible cases Make-A-Wish ensures that all immediate family members can participate in the child’s wish. In doing so “Make-A-Wish” provides long-lasting and happy memories for those relatives, whatever the future may hold.

As a well-respected and popular children’s charity, we are fully committed to providing the maximum level of care and enjoyment for our children and their families. Make-A-Wish achieves this through a combination of professionalism, attention to detail and sensitivity. Nothing is too much trouble for our children.

Make-A-Wish receive no government funding, and rely overwhelmingly on the kindness of people to continue with this kind and noble cause in a successful manner.

Partnership between Irish Telephone Box and Make-A-Wish

Children are a gift that enriches this planet.  Some children are more vulnerable than others, but it’s up to us to protect them and help them create happy memories. As a part of our commitment to help children make their wishes come true, this holidays we’re giving something back. For every product/gift you purchase this year until 31st December, we will donate 2€ from each sales completed.

“Our wishes turn fantasy in to reality. A wish provides a positive, often once in a lifetime experience for the child, their family and often the wider community enabling wonderful memories to be created that will last a lifetime” – Susan O’Dwyer, CEO Make-A-Wish Ireland

Remember, small donation makes a big difference.

This holidays, let’s do something extra for our children.

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Irish Telephone Box has become a lifesaver

Over the years there has been a lot of talk on what to do with Irish Telephone boxes and many of them have been destroyed. Today the Irish Telephone Box has got a whole novel use- it has become a lifesaver.

Irish Telephone Box, well known traditional product, hasn’t had its original function for years. However, Irish Telephone Boxes are used in pubs, souvenir shops, hotels and offices as quite zones for taking phone calls. Now, Irish Telephone Box has gained a new, noble function: saving lives.

After Tom Geaney’s life was saved by a defibrillator when he collapsed on a football pitch, it was clear that a need for defibrillators is unfortunately an increasing trend. Tom Geaney is a young student whose life was recently saved by a defibrillator that was accessible in a football club. This was just one of the examples of how much the defibrillator accessibility means in the urgent situations as this particular one.

Life-saving initiative: The Heart of Killarney

Shortly after, a new initiative “The Heart of Killarney” was introduced in Ireland. The Heart of Killarney sees the life-saving equipment stocked in phone boxes across the town of Killarney in Kerry. This initiative aims to significantly improve the chances of survival for someone who has an “out of hospital” cardiac arrest.

Irish Telephone Box is the first lifesaving unit ever installed in Ireland. The defibrillator is placed inside a phone box. Defibrillator is installed along with the instructions on how to use it, which users can find on defibrillator itself. There are currently 13 access places in Killarney and this week the first box was installed.

Irish Telephone Box installed with a defibrillator is created by Burke Joinery, who specialise in providing architectural joinery and acoustic products. One of their most popular products is the Irish Telephone Box, now being fitted with medical equipment.

John Burke, Director of Burke Joinery said: “All of us at Burke Joinery are happy to be working on such an important project. We believe it will be beneficial for the community as the defibrillator can help with heart stimulation while waiting for the ambulance. As health of our citizens is an important issue, defibrillator installed inside a telephone box is certainly an initiative that is crucial to saving lives. We hope to see it expand further in the future.”

For all the details on this initiative check the UTV News on 10th November  at 5.30 p.m or read Irish Independent.

National Ploughing Championship

Ploughing surprise

Irish Telephone Box has been really busy these days. Attendance at National Ploughing Championship is an exciting event for us, and therefore we decided to prepare a special surprise for you…

It’s not quite yet the time for the big reveal, but it won’t take much longer and we are certain it’s going to be worth the wait.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 20th September 2016 we will be waiting for you at the National Ploughing Championship at the stand 837, row 35, block 4.

Make sure to visit us cause you don’t want to miss this…

Just a few more hours to share this news and looking forward to just have a comfy chat with you guys!

See you tomorrow at National Ploughing Championship!

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Stay tuned!


Paddywagon may be a house hold name for their great bus tours of Ireland but they also have a great chain of stores across Ireland and they have just opened a new store on Talbot Street. If you are looking for some quirky unique gifts and memorabilia then you have to check out on of their stores. We are delighted to  be able to call them one of our stockists and we think the display stand looks great, don’t you?