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  • The Future

    The Irish Telephone Box should not be lost or forgotten amongst the changes and developments in modern times. Our Irish Telephone Box can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit various needs, as a Christmas tree decoration, a decorative piece of furniture for the home or garden, or as a quiet zone in a busy office or beer garden to make a call.
  • The Present

    At present there are less than twenty authentic Irish Telephone Boxes in Ireland. In recent years they have been taken down and destroyed as they fell into disrepair. As a result the Irish landscape and towns have lost an iconic piece of Irish history and culture. The Irish Telephone Box has lost its place in Irish society and was deemed surplus to requirements in the new technological era that we live in.
  • The Past

    The Irish Telephone Box had an integral part to play in Irish society with the first being installed on Dawson Street, Dublin in May 1925. Each telephone box had a story to tell, from tales of trysts and old romances, to the joys of hearing a loved one’s voice from far away shores. The Irish Telephone Box held a special place in the hearts and minds of so many Irish people.